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Artists of the Month

This month, we celebrate the creativity and passion of Paolo Vezio aka SkizzoVez and Tay Lee Richards, our featured artists. 

Paolo Vezio a.k.a SkizzoVez


"Born in the southern Italian region of Calabria, Paolo Vezio is a doctor in experimental physics currently residing in Florence. He seamlessly merges scientific expertise with a profound passion for art. As a self-taught artist, his works predominantly focus on horror vacui and the fusion of rigid geometric forms with the softness of living beings, adding a unique dimension to his artistic expression. The idea is to go beyond aesthetics, exploring equality, fragility, and the darker aspects of humanity through the symbolic representation of skulls, rendering all individuals equal in their essence." - Paolo Vezio

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Tay Lee Richards


I'm Tay. I've been an artist since I was living in Arizona at 12 years old. I practiced for 19 years and now I'm proud to say i am an artist. I create whimsical, colorful, magical art that brings nostalgia and feelings when you look at them. It's been my dream to be able to create artworks full time as my job since creating art IS A JOB. I started freelancing in August of 2023, In November i opened up an Etsy art shop and ran an art show from my front yard. I was then approached by Feat of Clay co op gallery in Aztec, New Mexico and in December I became a working member there. I am an artist. I am a painter. I am an illustrator. Its been a struggle and my dream is to be able to support myself and my kids doing this as a full time job." - Tay Lee Richards

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Are you an artist eager to be featured next month?



Originality: All submitted art must be original work created by the artist. Any infringement of copyright will result in disqualification.

Diversity of Mediums: I welcome a variety of art forms, including but not limited to music, videos, photography, paintings, etc.

Quality Submission: Artists should submit 1-2 high-quality photos or media that effectively represent their work. Clear and well-lit images are encouraged. 

No Consecutive Months: To ensure fairness, artists cannot be featured as "Artist of the Month" for two consecutive months.

Waitlist Addition: If there is a waitlist, artists seeking consecutive features will be added to the end of the queue.

Social Media/Website Links: Artists are encouraged to provide links to their social media profiles or websites for additional exposure.

Deadline Adherence: Submission deadlines must be strictly followed to facilitate the scheduling of features. Please submit before the 5th of the month you are applying to, unless there is a waitlist, thus you will be added to the end of the queue

Respect for Guidelines: Artists are expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined for the "Artist of the Month" feature. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a vibrant and diverse artistic community.

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